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At Guzzbury we are passionate about business automation and design. Our motivation stems from speeding up processes within businesses, resulting in saving you, our client, time and money. With over 10 years experience in .NET Programming,
advanced Excel VBA Programming and 5 years in graphic design we  have the expertise to advance your business forward to a new level in systems and automation.

What do you do in your business every day, week or month that could be semi or fully automated to save time and release resources?

Angus Beaumont

Angus Beaumont

Founder / Orderwise Programmer, Lead Developer and Designer

Angus Beaumont


I first used Orderwise in 2010 in my sales role, I also managed the IT&T for the firm and soon started to realise the limitations with the then Version 6 of Orderwise.  We soon progressed to Version 7, a large improvment but
still with many flaws which resulted in my creating advanced reports and programs to manage parts that Orderwise did not do.  I continued to use Orderwise until June 2017 when I started as full time IT&T assistant supporting
other Orderwise users and building advanced reports and programs to enhance it.

I have been doing advanced programming in both Excel VBA and .NET since 2008 and have built many systems to semi or fully automate processes.  In many instances the programs I have built have more than halved the time taken for
a task.  In a recent case I was able to reduce a 10 hour task to a 1 hour task – 90% saving on time!

I am passionate about streamlining processes and saving clients time by increasing efficiency in their job.  I founded Guzzbury so that I could offer my services to other businesses and let them experience how automating systems
can help in saving huge amounts of time and resource.  We look forward to working with you soon.

Our Services

Advanced Excel VBA Programming Excel Spreadsheet building
.NET Programming Graphic Design
Website Design Website Development
Orderwise Report Editing Orderwise Layout Editing
Orderwise Program Addons Orderwise eCommerce Definitions
Business Process Automation Website SEO


Loadtranz Website

We created a custom WordPress theme to our clients specification and needs.  The design had to be smart with a modern  twist.

ABC Building Services Website

We built a wordpress website to our clients specification and needs

Decor Systems UK Website

We built a wordpress website to our clients specification and needs

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